​April Renee -         Professional Writer


My name is April Renee and THIS is  

Scarlet Nathaniel is a name I penned in the spirit of authoring novels and poetry.  April Renee (Deakle) is my legal, professional name.  As a novelist, poet and freelance writer, I welcome you to this combined exhibit that showcases my creatively efficient writing and formatting efforts which may assist in your project vision. 

Writing has always been my greatest passion and strongest articulation concerning life's unruly, yet sometimes miraculous circumstances.  This avocation soon became a professional and academic pilgrimage in which many writing styles emerged.

With a profound interest in the arts and humanities and in entrepreneurial spirit, extensive and intense research are most important to my professional footprint.  As a novelist, I am well versed in the approach of writing for the aesthetics of the craft itself. 

I look forward to building the masterpieces that will become your resumes, web/article content and other executive level projects.  Perhaps I might produce your story in ghostwritten form or assist you in composing your essays, journals and other written projects.

​Regardless of your need - I am here simply...

​Writing Your Words